Saturday, April 25, 2009

the pool of rome

I read the writing and look at the picture on the wedsite.The site is talk about Rome's people can have a person to be their slavery, the government too.They wanted the slavery because they usially didn't do anything,they wanted the slavery to do for them.They didn't hourly pay.There are two kind of slavery .One is work for the farm another is for work in the mines.The other slavery who didn't work on the mines or the farms.They are the house servants for the rich man.The site also think the other tired work now is not a bad life.The slaverys life are worse then them.After I read the site I learned: the salvery are work for the rich man .They don't have their free and freetime.
tthe picture is the photo of three slavery

I read the writing on the wedsite.The site is talk about the girl baby didn't have good position on their parents's etes,so lot of girl babys are drop from their parents.Therefore the other people take them to be the slavery of Rome,so after several year the girl an women's slavery are going to remonstrate the gervernment.The girls and women slaverys's work are the housekeepers or some washwomen.After I read the site I learned: the girls and women's remonstrate are as bad as the slavery.
the picture is the photo of the handcuffs

I watch the film in the site .The film is talking the slavery's life are really bad the picture in the site are the unfree's symbolize .After I watch the film I learned: tyhe slavery are alwats wearing the handcuffs
the picture is about the slavery

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