Sunday, May 17, 2009

the world Marjor religion



most of the christianity's holiday are easter and christmas.In that two day they doesn't need to go to school.


Jesus was born in the horse's house of a hotel,then he's mother is maria.


I just read the part of the christian ethic.there is a good sentense in christian ethic.It's you need to love other people like love youself.

I found some Daoism's myth It's write about :there is a famas teacher named"Confucius"and he write the best canon in Chinese.Called"Dao De Jing"It's write about the living about the chinese people.
dao is the highest place of daoism's ethic,and chinese folk religion and philosophy are the most important ways to mean daoism.
the site tell me there isn't any rituals in daoism
Chinese people are doing things by their traditional and they can know when was the moon will be full moon and they can have a moon festivals.

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Teacher A said...

You were supposed to do two religions. This is only half done, and not very well...