Friday, May 29, 2009

native american religion

I find a site is talk about the medicine Wheel,but i just read the first part of the site.The site is talk about Medicine is a kind of the stone to made it regularly because the belivev the god and they think the god can made they have good life or it can fix ANY problem of the native American.After I read the site I learned: the native American made the Medicine because the think it is the god ,and it can help them to fixed any problems they have.

the phtot is the picture of the Medicine Wheel.


I read the religion part of the site.And look at the picture on the site ,too.After I read the site I learned: the aztecs's god is Tlaloc and theyhave another god for them.Tlaloc is just the one of the aztecs's god.Like:mother goddess Tonantzin and more.

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Teacher A said...

The second half of the site is supposed to be about their religion. While you did find a tribe, you didn't go to the religion part of the site....again like last week= not listening.