Saturday, April 4, 2009

the American Civilisation

I read the site and look at lots of the picture there.I think the site is perfect,and there are lots of writing about the Mayans.The site is about Mayan people have good weave cloth's technique I know them from the picture of a writing .Then another writing write about Tikal is a improtant city of the Maya.There are more then people live in 6 spuare miles of Tikal.There are 3000 temple in Maya,and My social studies book tell us there are 365 piece of stairs on the temple.It's represent 365 days a year.Them all the temples can observe the stars.After I read the writing I learned:Maya's people have good weave cloth's technique,so they can have good cloths.

the first picture is the photo of weave cloth's technique

the secend picture is the temple of the Maya


I read the writing and look at the picture in the site.The site is write about there are two kind of the Aztecs people.There are pool man and rich man their life have a big different.The pool people life in cottages and the rich men their house are made from the stone,and they will paint the house to white.It is because they think it is claen.After I readthe site I learned: There are two kind of people in Aztec.Then the two kind are pool men and rich men.

the picture is the picture of the aztec woman


I read the writing and look at the picture in the site.tehre are many kind of the incas.their common people are work hardly,butno one went hungry and no one was homeless in the Inca Empire.The country give them food and cloth to wear.After I read the site I learned:their country will give the people food to eat

the photo is the place of their house

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Teacher A said...

What about the Aztecs and Incas? You are only 1/3 done with your homework. Why didn't you finish?