Saturday, September 27, 2008

The rise of man

I find a site to talk about australopithecine.I read a lot of writting there.I learn:the austraalopithecines are the earth kind of animal who like people.The first bone found find in Africa.Therefore they are live in Africa.The australopithecines exchange to apes.

This site is verygood site to talk about the Lucy.There are some questions about lucy.I read the questions,too.I learn:Lucy is find in Africa,but why people call it about there is a popular song call" Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"in the past.The poeple who find lLucy are listen to "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"when they have find Lucy.They find Lucy in November 30th.

This site is talk Richard leakey,and I read his event.I learn: Richard leakeystart to find the fossil in 1967.He find the 30 years,then he find more then200 fossils.
photo1:the evolutionof preople.
photo2:the picture of Lucy.
photo3:the picture of Richard leakey


Cindy said...

your do very good .

Teacher A said...

Pretty good. You found a lot more information than before. This is better than last week. You can work on your format, though. I can't click your links and the spacing is a bit off. Otherwise good work!