Friday, September 12, 2008

The rise and Fall of the replies
I looked at 14 sites.I chose this site,becauseI can know the informtions.At this site I learned lot things of repiles.The repiles are life in hot place,like Africa.The replies is "clod blood"animal.Other inportant part of replies is:There are lots kinds of replies.Snakes,turtles and lot of animals are replies animals.

this photo is :a kind of repile
It's a good site to learned dinosaurs.In this site the informations are clearly.After I read the site I learned a lot of informations.Everyone think all dinosaurs are ate meats.There are some dinosaurs ate plants.

this photo is a dinosaur,but it is not the ture dinosaur.

It is a good site to talk aboutthe dinosaur's extinction.There are lots way to talk about dinosaur's extinction,but I think the best way to talk about it is:The meteorites from space dash the earth.Then the dinosaurs can't escape,so all the dinosaurs are died.

this photois talk about:the meteorites is dash the earth.


HENRY Y. YANG said...

good blogXD

Teacher A said...

Good work. You are getting better at blogging. This post was your best so far. You could have discussed more about what you learned. Still, it is a nice post.