Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Rise of the mammals
I find this site,because the inforemations are good.I read some articles there.I think it is a good site.I learn:The mammals are all worm blood animals.There are 4,000 kinds of mammals all the world.The whales aren't kinds of fish.They are all mammals.The dolphin,too.The mammals have fur or hair.The important part of mammals are the mammal's babies are drink milk.However the mammals aren't all born from mother's bodies.The duckbilled are born form eggs,but it stills a kinds of mammals.
This site are tell me the mammals are worm blood.They almost born form mother's womb.The mammals are eat.The mammal's teeth are suit they to eat their foods they like to eat .
The site it talk about the first mammal call"Megazostrodon".In this site I learn:the Megazostrodon are alive in Triassic or early Jurassic.Megazostrodon like to eat bugs.The Megazostrodon also act at night.
photo1:the duckbilled
photo2:the spaecial teath of walrus .


People is the mammals,too! said...

Do you know platypus
is what kind animals.
It is born by egg but
have many strange things
about it.So some scientist
put it in what kind i don't

Teacher A said...

Pretty good work. You found all three sites, discussed what you did and what you learned. You are getting better at blogging all the time. Most all species are exinct, even early mamama;s.