Saturday, September 6, 2008

origin of life

I read the first site it tell us how the origin of life.After I read this site,I have lots of knowledge.The first life is cell.It not used air to life.It is the oldest creature in the world.The cell is small,we can't see it by our eyes.The cell is very unhard.It is very soft.The cell is life in the ocean.I learn lots of things.Like the first animal called''cell''.It is softand very small,and it life in the ocean.In the begin of the earth the rever,ocean are stop floating.

The secend site is tell us about''how the life comming'',but it just the science specialty of a person.said it have lot of way to talk about origin of life.Like the contactee throw an RNA down to the earth.than RNA are begin.

The third site isn't exist.

photo1:the cell's mantle


The green alian said...

Yuck thing!I don't
like the cell very
much.It looke yucky.

Teacher A said...

You didn't go to the third or fourth site. They do indeed exist, you just typed the address wrong! Even if you couldn't find the third, what about the fourth????

Teacher A said...

So So