Sunday, October 5, 2008

hunter and gatherers

This site is good talk about the hunterand gatherers.I read a good writing there.I learn :The weman and children are collect the planes can eat.They also collect some died small animal's corpse.The men are go to catch the animals,but they eat the animals sometimes.They usually eat the Planes.

this site is talk about the weapons for the men to catch th animals.Though they catch the animals deficient and deficient,but they still need some good weapons to catch the animals .The weapons of the men catch the animals are the men inportant things.There are many kinds of the weapon ,because they need to catch fish and other animals.

This site is talk about the hunter's purpose.I read a writing.I learn:The hunter have two kinds of kill.Once is kill for food,auother is killfor alive.what is killfor alive:It is the men kill the animals for they animal will kill the men.The men only kill the easy to kill's animals.
photo1:the weapon of the hunter
photo2:the well of the house before
photo3:the gatherers uauslly for the women
photo4:the weapon of the hunter


Hello! I'm Mr.Monkey said...

Why there have two
picture looks same.
I think your writing
is good.I like your
writing about they need
to use weapons.

Teacher A said...

Pretty good posting. I find this stuff very interesting. Do you? Your pictures aren't organized properly, 1 for each link, though. Otherwise, you did an alright job.