Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Judaism

I read the writing and look at the picture in the site. After I read the site I learned:the seven days the god created the world in the site.For example the first day he (the god) light on to the earth,the second day he open the sky on the earth.The third day he drive the water on the land,the fourth day he put the sun and star in the sky.The fifth day he put animals on land, the sixth day he made human.The seventh day he rest,it is also the Saturday's rest day come from.

the picture is the photo and the star of the Judaism


I read the writing ,look at the picture and watch the means of each drew in the site .After I read the site I learned: The necklace of Jews are the King David's necklace,and the Jews want to let him in Jews heart,so they want every of Jews to wear necklace.The cloth are the cloth they wear in the prey.Therefore the site give me lot of information ,and I like it.
the picture is the photo of the jews' believe.It's the Candle Light


Franky said...

Your website is good and the website is clear to be people to know.then the website is great.

Teacher A said...

Good job this time. You have definitely, worked harder to show what you have read and learned, and found sites that you could learn from. You have earned a week of rest.

Good Job!