Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jewish Myth and Holiday


I read one of the story and look at the picture in the site.There are a lot of story in the old testament in Bible.I read the story .It's the story of Joseph forgive his brother,because his brother drop his in a prisoners place in Egypt.Then his use his hard to be an important man in Egypt,and the drought happened in Israel He forgive them for their brothers.After I read the story I learned:If you use you own power to do something anything can happened.Even a prisoner can become an important in the country.

the picture is the photo of Joseph forgive his brother.



I read the writing and look at the picture in the site .The site is about the Shabbat.After I read the site I learned: What is the Shabbat,and What do it means to the Jews.The shabbat is the seven day of the god made earth.He made the world in six day then the seven day he's done,so it's the Shabbat's come form
the picture is the photo of the Shabbat

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Teacher A said...

Great work Michael! This is a really good post. You very clearly read both of the sites and learned something from each of them. Keep up the good work.