Friday, October 9, 2009

more on mahayana
I read the writing in the site .Than after I read the site I learned:What the Mahayana people believes, and that Mahayana just like the Buddism's children.Afeter I read the site want to join to Mahayana,because the believes are good,but they don't believe the all talk of Buddha.Therefore they believe the good of the think of buddha.They also believe the Buddha's teachers' talk .It almost believe about the good talk in the world.

I read the writing and look at the picture in the site.The site is talk about "What the Mahayana Buddhist believe.The site tell me the Mahayana people aren't believe the god .They just believe the talk of buddha.After I read the site I learned:What the talks of Buddha they believe.There are three big talks of Buddha.Therefore they believe it.I also learned: What the three believe talk Buddha talk and think about it.

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