Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greek Enterainment

I read the writing ,and look the picturesin the site.Those writing and picture are all talk about the bigest ancient sport meets -"summer Olympics".It is the bidest about the sport until now,because they are important to every athletes.The site is talk there are Discus,Javelin,Jump,Running and Wrestling in the summer olympics.There weren't lots of the events in the summer Olympics,but we invent more and more events in these years.After I read the writing I learned :The athletes of the Olympics want to win,because they race for their country.

the picture are the logo of Olympics
I find a film this time,but a find a funny one of "funny Olympics".I watch the film there,too.It is a funny sport,they are the player made mistakes(funny mistakes).I like it ,because the players are very funny.After I watch the movie,I learn: we must to be careful on the sport.I think the film are cool.It is made from computer animation,but it very real.

the picture are the player on Olmpic and he scare about high
I read the writing there.It talk about there are popular tragedy playwrights they are Sophocles, and Euripedes they are all wrote the tragedy.After I read the site I learn:the drama of grece are begin from two or three tragedy.

the picture are the picture of drama

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Teacher A said...

Good work. I still like the idea of finding a video, but make sure it is on topic. Modern Olympic games don't have much to do with ancient Greece. Otherwise, you did a fine job.