Saturday, March 7, 2009

Athens and Socrates
I watch the movie there.I have some picture play together.There are greece map.It also have the picture of the fight wuth other country.I like the music in the movie very much,because it is the music of greece.After I watch the movie.I learnthere have some big war in Greece.
the picture is the war of the Athen

I found a site of Socrates.It talk about Socrates is a big philosopher the others are Plato and Aristotle.They are three big philosophers in greece before I have ever study about all of them in social studies.He has think"What is beauty?" and "What is the right thing to do?".HE try to ask the answers,but all the people he ask aren't answer the questions.Plato is a little boy,and Socrates teach him and didn't got any moneys ,too.

the picture is the picture of socrates


I read the writing and look the picture there.I like the picture of socrates,because it cute.After

I read the site I learn:Socrates was dead ,because some people feed him poisons and he dead.I think he is a great.It because he wants the ture .

the picture is the picture of cute socrates

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Teacher A said...

great job this time Micahel. This is exactly what I want to see each week. Keep up the good work.