Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alexander and great
I read the writing and look at the picture in the site.It talk about the Alexander is the son of Philp king,he's born in356B.C.His father dead when he's twenty years old,his father dead because some guard kill him.Soon he be the king of the country.After I read they site I learn Alexander be the king when he's twenty tears old,it's young because his father was dead.
the picture is the stone carving of Alexander

I read the writing there.I also look at the picture on the site.most of this site's writing are good to talk about histories to me.The site is talk about Alexander is the Macedonia's king's son ,so he's the prince of the Macedonia.Alexander has a good teacher.He's Aristotle.He 's a Greek teacher.Alexander drame about his teacher talk all the good of the Greek when he's study.After I read the site I learn:Alexander has a good teacher.He's Aristotle,and Aristotle is the three biggest philosopher .In the Greek.
the picture are the picture of Alexander,but it cute

I find the film this time,too.I find a film is talk about Alexander the great.There are lot stone carving about Alexander.The music in the film are good ,because it is good to play the music about Alexander.It because the music are Greek music .After I watch the film I learn most of Alexander's approximately stone carving.
the picture is the map of Alexander's world

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Teacher A said...

Pretty nice, but why does everyone have the same websites? curious? Otherwise this is nice, like last week.