Saturday, February 7, 2009


The site is talk about the sphinx.I read the writing and look the picture.The writing are alittle bit short,but I can understand it.They talk about the sphinx are the lion's body and the teh human's head.Some people believe there is some secretrooms or hallways under the sphinx,but we didn't find some thing there.There is a story about the sphinx.One day the young prince hurting all the day,so he sleep near the sphinx.The ending of the story are need to think by yourself.After I read the writing I learn the sphinx are the human's face,and the lion's body.

the photo are the picture of the sphinx


I read the writing and look the photo there.The site are easy to me,because the site are made for kids.The site is talk about the most powerful people are the Pharaohs,because they are the political and religious way's king.They are also the king of the Upper and Lower Egypt.The pharaoh represented the gods on Earth.After I read the site I learn the Phauaoh are the king all the Egypt.

the photo is the phauaoh's picture


I read the writing and look the picture there.It is a little difficult to me.he site is talk about the Egypt is a good to planting in Africa.It is talk the old kingdom.The Pyramids are bulid in the old kingdom.It is the tomb of the phauaoh.It is made from the farmers.After I read the writing I learn the Pyramids are the tomb of the Phauaoh.I think they are too difficult and dangerious to build a Pyramids.

the photo isthe picture of the Pyramids


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Teacher A said...

Excellent work. This is one of your best posts to date. You must be interested in Egyptology. I am too. I hope you'll continue to explore this area even though our class has moved on.