Tuesday, January 20, 2009



I read the writing there.The writing are good and the writing are easy to that me understand.The site is talk about the Sumer is the south part of ancient Mesopotamia.The site also talk there is a war with East and West of Egypt.Then it talk the life of Sumer.I think the sumerian people are formidable,because they can bulit a prosperity city3000B.C.I also think they are messy and foolish,because they fight itself.After I read the writing, I learn:all the Sumerian are fought to got the thing,and it didn't civilization anymore.

the photo is the picture of the sumer


I read the site there.The site is just talk about the sumer's life and the how they are before.The information talks the Sumer are the Iraq,but not the same answer with the other site I read.They are all talking about the Sumer,but they have different answer,so I think the History is unsure.I think the sumer are all traded and fought.I think they are all violence.After I read the writing I learm:The Sumer are not only fought, they also starto traded.

the photo is a sumerian house


I read the site there.It is talk about the sumerian can have theirself's slave.The slave also can paid for theirself's free.It means the slave can choose (can he/she be a slave),so I think they are free,because they can choose.It change the view about they always traded and fought.I got an new informationof them,so after I read the writing.I learn: the Sumerian also can choose their free,too.
the photo is the picture of the sumerian

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Teacher A said...

Better than last week. You are getting the hang of blogging. I like the first site the best. You still need to work on your spacing of the post. Otherwise, this is almost perfect, indeed! Keep it up!