Monday, January 5, 2009

hunter and gatherer myths

hunter and gatherers myth

this photo is the picture about the bluerock

I read the story ,and the writing are pretty good.It us talking about there the monsters are all live together.They always catch the people and eat them.Child of Water wants to kii the one of the monster.They mode the rule of the fighting.Then the monster agree the contest.The monster agree the contest happyly.The monster shoot 4 arrows to Child of Water ,but all the arrows are miss.Then Child of Water shoot the arrows to the monster ,and the monster dead.Then the Child of water are happy and all his person are come arond him.He is popular now.I think the Child of Water is very brave .

this photo is about the bear's myth
I raed the writing, and the writing about the in the Indian's person the sun good not the Indian's good,it is the light.They also think the bear are the greatest tool to ride,because the if you shoot the arrows or many of the swards the won't die.The bear also have enough power to kill the person by their heads.I think the bear myth are very cool,because it the cool myth I won't know before.After the reading,I learn: the bear are the most strong animal animals all over the world.


I read the writing in the site.It is talk about there are monsterbring and some bulls are talking about "how to save the boy who live with the monster.At the first they think the can give a mouse to the boy,but the monster want it.Then they give a bird to the boy,but the monster want it again.Therefore the wild dog want to save the boy by himself.The monster is very angry.Then the wild dog wants the bulls to made the monster angry ,then the monster go out to catch the bulls.The wild dog go to the hole to save the boy.Therefore the wild dog called the young fighter

stay in the hole ,when the monster back the young fighter kill the monster.I learn:Before you going to do something,you need to plan.I think the wild dog are smart,so it can think some plan to kill the monster and save the boy.

the photo three is the picture of the wild dog


Purple chicken's egg said...

Why you just find "A"
website for the homework.
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Teacher A said...

This is okay. However, you did not listen to me when I said that the GREEKS WERE NOT HUNTER AND GATHERERS!!! And yet, you used 2 Greek myths that have nothing to do with hunting... The last one is okay.