Saturday, February 21, 2009


I read the writing and look at the picture in the website.The site is talk about they are famas at trab.Their religion are like sumers.They have a few
same god.Their artists are good,we found a lot of ceramics about war and the warriors.They had bread before.The bread are important to they.In 1200 BC, the Assyrians finally conquered Babylon.It is important to them too,because the hated the Babylon.All their people and lots of things.After I read the website,I learned the bread are important to the Assyria.and they hated the Babylon. the picture are the bull in Assyria

I read the writing and look at the picture in the website.The site is talk about the star in the flag are means the sun symbolizes the land .The blue color in the flag is means the peaceful of the Assyria.the three color in the lines are means the three rivers in their country.After I read the website,I learned the three lines are the important river in their country,and I am the first time to see the flag of the Assyria. the picture are the flag of the Assyria

I watch at the film,it talk about some important thing on the site.Like Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylonia and Assyria.There is made from some picture .There is a picture is very broadcast,because there are a lot of rooms to made a high house.It just like a house mountain.The other picture I think it good to talk about the Assyrian people's life.It is the sun shining,and the people are carry the thing with donkey.After I watch the film,I learn the two foes are Sumeria and Babylonia.the picture re the first page of the film


JUDY said...

cool! webside, I like it.

Violet said...

i think you good for talk about 3 website

Teacher A said...

Very nice. what a silly comment by Judy...Anyway, I love the idea of finding a video to watch. That is always a good way to learn. You did much better this week--3 SITES! Great!