Sunday, January 24, 2010

Images of Devotion

I read the writing and look at the art in the site.There are Lot of famous art I have seen it. Like "Mona Lisa".After I read the site I learned:Lots of the art's artist,and the life of some artist.Like :Da Vinci and Michelangelo.They are the two famous artist in Italy Renaissance art.This site show us about the artist and the art.

Title:Mona Lisa(Renaissance Man)

Artist:Leonardo da Vinci

Date: 16th centry

Why I choose it :I choose this art because it's a very famous art in the world and until now.I know it is a Renaissance art.

The woman in th art is Da Vinci's friend's wife.Mona Lisa is a enigmatic in the other people's eye,because when you see it in the room .You can see she is looking you.It is the good painting Da Vinci have.

The ccolor in theis art are black and yellow the background in the art are detailed.The face of Mona Lisa is a little bit secret.It's a really good art in my heart.

Title:Origin of the Milky Way
Why I choose it: The angels in the art are attract me to choose it.I think maybe it 's have some meaning in the back now.It may be another popular art in the 16th centry.
The Origin of the Milky Way in this site can blow up.We can see it more clear.The color in the art are very kind.The background in the art are the sky.

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Teacher A said...

This is all wrong. You weren't paying attention in class. "Images of devotion" means Christian paintings. You needed to find a website about Christian symbols in Renaissance painting. Then you needed to choose two Christian paintings. Mona Lisa is not a Christian painting...