Saturday, August 29, 2009

The nervous system

I read the writing and look at the photo in the site.It have a really cool photo the photo is about the nervious system and the spine.Than it make it like a secret.Maybe it means the nervious system is just as mystery as a seceet,But it's just my thought.after I read the writing I learned: the way nervious system control our body,and the way orgen read the message from the nervious system.
the photo is the photo of nervious


Iread the site and look at the photo in the site.The site has a photo of the body told us a lot of system in our body.And the nervious system contral about.After I read the site I learned: the nervious system contral about in the photo in the site.The way nervious systemsend the message to the other orgen.

the photo is the nervious systemcontrol about.the blue lines are the controls.


Franky said...

Your first blog are like I am find.because I can not to know the picture mean so I change it.when I see yours I know the picture and the nervous system the means.

Teacher A said...

This isn't perfect, as what you learned in both sites seems to be the same. Try to find sites that teach you different things. Still, this is indeed an improvement and I can tell you spent some time reading on the internet. keep up the improvement.