Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tectonic plate and how mountains are made

Tectonic plates is a kind of geology.The earth is made of Plates.There are 6 popular Plates.In the earth there can divided two big kinds inside the earth.They are rocks and asthenosphere.It'sPrecambrain six hundred millions and fifty millions ago.
Some mountains are under the sea before.Then if are big earthquakes,it will bron.The other way is Two plates can press against each other until the land is lifted and folded over itself.
Photo1:Folded mountains of the Tibetan Plateau
Photo2:When the earthquake,Pangea were moving.
Photo3:Before the earthquake,Pangea's graph.
Photo4:Three kinds of Plates' moving manner.


Danny is a purple chicken said...

your writing are cool.
I like you introduce.
Wow you find many picture.

Teacher A said...

Some neat websites and pictures. You did well. You are getting better. Make sure you leave comments on a friend's blog as well as having a look for ideas. Better than last time!