Friday, August 15, 2008

Parts of the earth
Mantle is a interior of the earth.It like a valcano. The explorer J. Tuzo Wilson think the valcano all link in the sea is because there hot spot is same.
Crust is the rock, and we can leave each other continent crust and ocean crust.Their structure are different.Their dopth are different,too.The continent crust 's dopth is average 33km, and the ocean crust is 10km.
1st picture:pangea's photo
2nd picture:core's photo
3rd picture:crust's photo
4th and 5th picture:mantle's photo


Danny is a purple chicken said...

Cool!Many picture
Can you tell my where
you found it?

Teacher A said...

Pretty good. You are getting better, and it looks like you learned a couple new things as well--which is what this is all about :) Keep improving!

Michael said...

thank for teacher's teach.