Saturday, June 5, 2010


I read the first part of the site ,and I write something I red and my thought of the black hole

The black hole:

I find an information about the black hole.Black holes are the hole to get anything in it.The balck holes' began is because some enoumous stars turned old it may have an explosion.No one can escape from the black hole.It's also called "event horizon".However there is another myth says the black hole is not the cosmos space cleaner.

My thought about the black hole:

I have heard the black hole a long times ago, but I don't their began about what are they.Now I get a little bit about them.I think the cosmos is as possible as we think, and there are more and more thing we need to know.

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Savant English School said...

Your best post in a while. I can see you put in some effort. Try looking at more than one site, in order to compare information and to check it also.