Saturday, April 17, 2010

Durer's painting

name:lamentation of Christ

Date:c. 1500-03

Symbol:Jesus 's betray by one of his disciple.It's the scenes of the dead of Jesus.I see the 200% in this site.You can watch it, too.

There are a lot of little people in this painting.Like there are two people under Jesus.
Why I choose it:I choose it because I think this painting would have a lot of craftsmanship n this painting.Like: there are some little thing in this painting,It's Durer's style.
Name:Adam and Eve
Symbol:This two are they first people in the history.There are a lot of story in the painting.Like they eat a fruit of embarrass,so god exclude them out of the Eden.Then they become the first people in the earth.
Why I choose it: I choose this painting because it's a classic story,and i want to know more about Adam and Eve.It's also a craftsmanship painting there are a lot of little thing in the painting.

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Teacher A said...

You did not really say much. Your answers are uninformed and from your head, rather than researched from the internet or from other sources. You need to work on saying something of substance.