Saturday, March 20, 2010

leonardo's invention
I look at the film in the site.The film is talk about a lot of Leonardo" inventions .There are some inventions to fly,to balance somethings.My favorite thing is the invention to show times.This invention really worked .I read another site.It's said Da Vinci really made it to a real machine.However it doesn't fly a long time.

this photo is a invention to fly.


I look at the inventions of Leonardo's DA Vince.There are lot of inventions of DA Vince in this website.There are also a glass in da vinci's inventions.This invention is really made to the machine,but Leonardo Da Vinci dead in the experimental of this machine's fly
This photo is the invention to fly in da vinci's inventions.

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Teacher A said...

Alright. A bit better than last week. But you were supposed to choose one and explain what it does and why you think it was cool. I'm glad you saw a lot of inventions, though.